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Special Needs
One child out of every one hundred and five is born with some form of Autism. Special Needs is a heart warming story for the loving families chosen by God to care for these children.

High School teacher, Ella Wilson, must sadly come to realize that her life is going to change forever. At twenty eight years old, she is left alone to care for her Autistic brother and fears that her life, as she knows it, is over. Ella knows that her wants and needs will have to wait, in order for her to care for Kenny's special ones.

Bobby Spencer, a car mechanic with dreams of being a singer/songwriter, must come to grips with the loss of the two most important things in his life, his wife and daughter. A life style fraught with bad choices and fueled by alcohol, an ugly divorce and legal problems, has Bobby desperately pulling himself together and searching for his lot in life.

Join Bobby and Ella for an emotional journey of pain, sorrow, joy, laughter and a romance that will captivate your heart. Experience the changes in their lives, as along the way, they are touched by loving, caring, friends and family, steeped in kindness and faith, guiding them through their hard times. Life is a tapestry of many different people and many different souls. For Bobby and Ella, they are blessed to have crossed paths and find out that we all have needs; some are just more special than others.

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