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Alexandra Ciccarelli as Ella Wilson
Chris Garner as Bobby Spencer
Kelly Sowers as Kelly Sikes
Joyce Mayer Lipe as Betty Spencer
James Basile as Frank Wilson
Wes Kennemore as Don
Sharon Sowers as Sharon Sikes
Dennis Kelly as Dr. Ben Moore
Scott Bryan Sowers as Coach Sikes
Larry Braswell as Officer Don Goddard
Sam Gildiner as Kenny Wilson
Gloria Kathleen Sowers as Gloria Sikes
Roger Lenwood as Brad
Danielle Jarnagin as Cindy
Sally Garner as Terri Spencer
Perry Thibaudeau as Officer Burt
Sandra Jo McNamara as Sandra Jo
Nancy Thrower and Jerry Briar as Charlotte and Jerry
Jennifer Salana as Nurse
Will & Barbara Jenkins
Trisha Kelly as Trisha
as Will and Barbara
Britney & Karen Bagley as Britney & Karen
Mike Bryant as Mike
Saxon Garner as Marley Spencer
Gloria Mayer Kelly as Aunt Betty
Josh Griffin
Thomas Patrick Kelly
Chris Smith